Space Adventure Awaits!

Space calls to you! And adventure awaits! Why, you too can be piloting a ship through space in mere moments, joining a fleet of other such adventurers wandering the vast reaches of the galaxy! Explore strange worlds and phenomenon. Engage in epic battles! Turn a profit off of trade! And of course work on improving your ship!


Captain’s Log is a narratively driven RPG played on pen and paper and with Twitter as your GM. Don’t worry though, you will get your chance to roll some dice as well! Captains log takes place in real time, and consequences are severe! So you may embark on a journey that will last you years, or simply a couple of days.

What You Need.

As you travel through the universe, various situations will present themselves. Every event will have different ways that it can be approached, whether by cunning, running, or all out combat! To get started you only need a 6-sided die (don’t have one? You can click ours for a roll anytime!), a print-out of the character sheet, and some paper, or a print out of the Captain’s Log.

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Your First Ship!

After you have printed out your character sheet, you need to design your captain and build your first ship! Sadly, you start with a pile of junk, not even registered to be on the cosmic highway! Your systems are all unreliable and you never quite know what is going to happen. Lucky for you however, you’ve been saving money from your gig at that burger joint, and have enough to upgrade one system! All systems start at 0 (Zero), except your Hull which starts at 3, you may choose ONE (1) system (other than Hull) to start with a value of 1 (One).

Ship Stats

space ship

Combat ( C )

Combat refers to both your ships Weapon and Shield capabilities.

Max Cargo ( MC )

Having improved cargo holds allows you to hold more cargo, you may never have more cargo, than your Max Cargo.

Engines ( E )

Engines Allow you to travel faster (and RUN AWAY quicker!)

Hull ( H )

Hull is your ships integrity, if it hits zero, your ship explodes and all is lost!

Style Yourself!

What do you look like? What species are you? These are choices only you are qualified to make! The universe is vast and endless, BUT we can tell you some of the known species that are you out there. Note, you start the journey alone, but various events may add to your crew.


Since taking to the stars in Earth Year 2X2X, humans have spread themselves far and wide.


The Rac-a-pa-taaara homeworld is known for its lush fields and peacful ways. It is also a popular vacation destination.


Flormlorians are beings of pure enegy. While they can take any shape they want, they prefer a blob/squid appearence.


While one does encounter Klrua on occassion throughout the universe, their homeworld turned isolationist in 2XXX. Not much is know of its politics.


The X-01672b40 were originally engineered by the Rac-a-pa-taaara to aid in working the farms. After gaining sentience they set out on their own.

You are also going to need to define who you are! Each person is unique in their own way! You may divide up 3 points between your Character Stats however you want.

Character Stats

Charm ( Ch )

Your ability to sweet talk, charm, and enchant others.

Cunning ( Cu )

Your ability to think of clever and unorthodox methods of doing things.

Politics ( P )

Your skills at negotiating, and reconciling differences. And of course intimidation.

Luck ( L )

Your odds of successfully doing reckless and crazy things, and coming out okay!

How much money do you have? None! You’re broke! Why did you spend it all on that upgrade? Put a 0 next to the word Currency.

Playing the Game.

To play, follow @CaptainsLogGame on Twitter. Everyday, multiple events will occur. Whenever you see an event in your feed, the game is on! If you miss events, or are away for a while, no worries! That just means you were either not paying attention, or were just sitting still in space, wasting time.

Tweets come in the format of events, each with a description and some possible ways of approaching it. Sometimes, there will also be a reward (Rew)! Or other consequences!

Normal Events

A common event may look like this

A Rac-a-pa-taaara ship approaches; it powers up its weapons and locks on to your ship! C:0 E:1 L:-1

You may choose any one of the shown stats (here Combat (C), Engines (E), and Luck (L)) to work through the encounter. Decide how you are going to approach the issue and then roll a 6-sided die for you and then again for the opponent. For your roll, add your value for that stat to the roll, and for your opponent, add the number that appeared after the letter for that stat.

Your number is higher: You win! And a marvelous triumph it is! You also get any Reward (Rew) listed in the event.

Your numbers are the same: Nothing gained, but nothing lost either. You end in a draw, and move forward.

Your number is lower: Regardless of the events that transpired. Something happened and your ship loses 1 Hull. (If your ship’s Hull is at zero it is destroyed and you must start a new ship!

Shop Events

Sometimes, you will encounter shops! Shops will potentially sell items, or buy/sell cargo!

A shop may look something like this.

You browse the goods at a small shop in orbit around a space station. Buy: Laser Pistol *P+1* $:190 Cur

In this example, you may either remove 190 currency from what you have (you MUST have at least 190 Currency). If you do add Laser Pistol to your list of items and add +1 to the current value of your Politics stat.

If you purchased Cargo. Add it to your Cargo (note: Do NOT increase the value of your MC (Max Cargo), unless the item told you to). You cannot have more Cargo (C) than your Max Cargo (MC).

If the shop lets your hire a Crew Member, this works much in the same way as items, except you should list them under the Crew Members section instead. You cannot lose items, so you don’t need to remember what gives you what, but they are fun to talk about in your Captain’s Log.

Crew Members CAN die, but you still get to keep the stat bonus they gave you. If you die, reduce your hull to Zero.

Other Events

On rare occasions, other events will occur! These events will tell you what to do! They are their own rules and should be obeyed!

After Events (Log Entry)

After an event happens, its up to you to decide HOW it happened. Use the dice rolls and event description to influence you and write a small entry into your Captain’s Log. This is a record of your journey through the universe!

Zero ( 0 ) Hull

When your Hull stat hits zero, your ship explodes and the game is over! You can still play! But you will need to create a new ship with a new captain!


As you are playing with just the system and yourself, cheating only hurts your own experience! Be honest and have fun! Losing is part of the adventure!


William Anderson
Game Design

Yi-Ting Anderson
Web Design

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